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Dario Apostoli


He was born in Bern in 1970. As a young man he devoted himself to photography dealing personally developing and printing. He participated in numerous courses and workshops honing his knowledge of the techniques and the history of Italian and international photography. Among the various courses: Zonal system and Fine-Art Print b&w with Alberto Furlani; Workshop on the Sardinian cultural heritage with Salvatore Ligios; Instant workshops with Maurizio Galimberti; Workshop on color and creativity with Franco Fontana; Reporting and photographic narrative with Massimo Bassano. He has taken part in several group and solo exhibitions. He teaches photography for various public and private institutions. He was selected from among eleven Italian photographers to Pavullo Summer Photo 2004. Reviews: Paolo Donini, Silvia Ferrari, Michele Fuoco, Daniele Bondi, Silvano Bicocchi, Alessandro Grandesso, Mathilde Blottière (Télérama), Luigi Erba, Mosè Franchi, Saverio Ciarcia, Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. Some of its works are part of private and public collections including the Historical Archive Photo of the Galleria Civica of Modena.

In 2008 he was selected for the European photographic competition “Tempo Vuoto”.

Since 2008 he has been experimenting with cinema, shooting several short films with his mobile phone. In 2009, his film "Notturno" was selected for official competition of the Pocket Film Festival in Paris, while, his other short film "Rimini", was screened alongside the films of Katherin McInnis, Raphael Maze and Alain Fleischer, on the occasion of the experimental program on the study of  movement. 

It is presented for the Pocket Film Festival 2010, with an installation inspired by his short films: Horror Pocket, which puts forward the aesthetics of horror movies. Take part in various workshops on cinema and documentary. Among his teachers: Pietro Albino di Pasquale, Stefano Cattini, Marco Parollo, Tania Pedroni. In 2012 he devised Multimedia Exhibition, a project curated with Paolo Donini. The exhibition, conceived as a macro-installation tells the new frontier of contemporary language (pocket films) in which 14 international artists interpret the theme of human and material impermanence, through images captured by the most common and distributed object technology. That same year, he made the new pocket experimental film, entitled Laudomia, that will be presented successfully in severals festivals and in the photography world.




1999 Polinago (Mo) ”The color of the industriousness man”

2000 Sound Archives Ducal Palace of Pavullo “Rusts”

2001 Bottega del Fabbro Gallery Fiumalbo (Mo) “Sketches of warping”

2003/2004 Tower Palace Serramazzoni (Mo) “Photographs”

2007/2008 CIR food Cooperativa Italiana Ristorazione

RITA Baggiovara / Sassuolo “Rusts”

2009 Castle of Sestola – Commander's Palace (Mo) “Rusts”

2009 Documentation Centre of the territory – Palau (Ot) “Into the jazz”

2009 Capo Testa - Santa Teresa di Gallura (Ot) “Into the jazz”

2010 FOTOlogie - selected pages of contemporary photography (on-line) "Thresholds"

2013 AgoràDiCult - (on-line) "Thresholds"

2013 ENRICO BOSSAN MASTER CLASS  (on -line) "Thresholds"

2013 FACEPHOTONEWS - "The Time" Festival of contemporary photography - Sassoferrato (AN)

2013 FOTOart - NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL - Castle of Levizzano (MO)  - "Laudomia"

2014 ROSIGNANO FOTO FESTIVAL - An evening with Author  -  Gallery Farm Archbishop's Castle - LIVORNO

2014 FESTIVAL PARAPHOTÒ Paratissima 10 - Exhibitions in Turin - "Thresholds"


2015 THEARTPHOTO - theartphotogallery - TRIESTE

2016 WOLAND ART CLUB - Sistiana, Porto Piccolo - TRIESTE


2000 Polaser Group Faenza (Fo) “Polaroid”

2004 Ducal Palace of Pavullo (Mo) “What beauty is, I don't know”

2006 Photographing Music Cultural Space "Evasione" Pavullo n/F (Mo)

2008 Center of art and Culture Church of St. Paolo Modena HANGING

AROUND Project supported by a program of European culture: “Tempo vuoto”

2011 By photographing Lungòni. Teresian Monuments in images. Santa Teresa of Gallura (Ot)

2013 Photissima [ART FAIR] - Quelli di Franco Fontana - Ex Tobacco Manifactures - TURIN

2014 FRANCO FONTANA and Quelli di Franco Fontana - Civic Gallery of Palazzo Ducale - Pavullo n/F - MODENA

2014 FRANCO FONTANA and quelli di Franco Fontana - MuDi - Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art - TARANTO

2014 (i)Look Photography - LOOK! ATELIER - Santa Teresa Gallura (OT)

2014 Quelli di Franco Fontana - Complesso Monumentale dei Dioscuri al Quirinale - ROME


2014 AQUAE MUNDI - FRANCO FONTANA and Quelli di Franco Fontana - TURIN

2015 Quelli di Franco Fontana ER - Rocca Dei Bentivoglio - Bazzano (BO)

2015 IMPRESSIONS by Franco Fontana - Sabrina Raffaghello Contemporary Art  - MILAN

2016 EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY - GenteDiFotografia - Atelier Via Due Gobbi 3 - REGGIO EMILIA

2016 Franco Fontana and Quelli di Franco Fontana - Milano Expo Arte  SPAZIO TADINI - MILAN

2017 MIA PHOTO FAIR - The Mall - Gente Di Fotografia - MILAN


2017 Franco Fontana and Quelli di Franco Fontana - Orbetello - GUZMAN Magazine Powder Museum (GR) 

2017 "TRAVELING WITH" - CIVIC GALLERY of Ducal Palace - Pavullo Nel Frignano (MO) 



2009 Paris forum des images “Notturno” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 2min25

2009 Paris forum des images “Rimini” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 6min

2009 San Paulo e Rio de Janeiro Mobilefest “Notturno” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 2min25

2009 Semana Cine Experimental de Madrid “Notturno” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 2min25

2009 Terni CortoFonino Film Festival “Notturno” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 2min25

2009 Festival do Rio – Rio de Janeiro Int’l Film Festival “Notturno” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 2min25, “Rimini” Italy/experimental 2008 b&w 6min

2010 Paris Forum des images "See saw (balançoire)" Italy/experimental 2009 col. and b&w 7min10

2010 Paris Festival Pocket Films Cinéma interactif, Pocket Horror "Ombre" Italy/experimental-horror 2010 b&w 6min08

2010 Paragon Brasil Edições e Produções Ltda (Festival Pocket Films Paris) – Cinéma interactif, Pocket Horror "Ombre" Italy/experimental-horror 2010 b&w 6min08

2010 Le 116 - Le Havre Vidéoscope/Pocket Films "See saw (balançoire)" Italy/experimental 2009 col. and b&w 7min10

2010 Le 116 – Le Havre Vidéoscope 02 – special Dario Apostoli, Pocket films

2011 Festival de Liège "FAST MOVIE" Liège, Mons, Bruxelles

2011 OFF 19° edition Ozu Film Festival, Teatro Carani Sassuolo (Mo), Pocket Horror "Ombre" Italy/experimental-horror 2010 b&w 6min08 

2011 International Mobile Innovation Screening, 23 - 26 November, Film Archive Wellington (New Zealand), "Rimini" Italy/experimental 2008 b&w6min

2012 Multimedia Exhibition "IMPERMANENCE OF THINGS", Civic Gallery of Ducal Palace - Pavullo n/F (Mo), "Laudomia" Italy/experimental 2012

b&w and col. 20min

2012 OFF 20° edition Ozu Film Festival, Cinema De Andrè Casalgrande (Re), "Laudomia" Italy/experimental 2012 b&w and col. 20min

2012 International Mobile Innovation Screening, New Zealand Film Archive, Te Anakura Whitiahua, "Laudomia" Italy/experimental 2012 b&w and col. 20min

2013 ENTRÉE LIBRE #3 Quartiers Beauvoisine et Saint-Nicaise de ROUEN, "Laudomia" Italy/experimental 2012 b&w and col. 20min



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